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The Vitesse D7HG is for those who are looking for a great bike for urban commuting at a good value. Available in 3-speed and 7-speeds.

Price Range

$499 and up

More info

Dahon website

Community Bike Mountain Bike

Why you will like this bike

Storage space in your cramped apartment is a primary concern, but so is getting place to place on a solid bike. Tote your books from class to class -and bring your bike inside with you- or take it shopping at a farmer's market. Also used for taking on the T. Folding bikes are everywhere. No one will think you're weird.

Why we like this bike

Folding bikes have come a long way since they were first brought to market, and we like how versatile our entire range of Dahon bikes are. For many, you can even go a off the beaten path... but not too far.


  • Internal gear hubs are perfect for commuting in nasty urban conditions because they require very little maintenance.
  • Comes with a large volume pump hidden inside the seatpost.
  • Luggage bracket on the frame allows the use of hundreds of KlickFix compatible bags and baskets.
  • Radius V Telescope handlepost adjusts to fit riders of all sizes.